Editorial boards

2011 – presentMember of editorial board of Genetic Epidemiology
2010 – 2011Group leader Genetic analysis Workshop 17 (funded by NIH) and associate editor for proceedings
2013 – 2015
Co-editor of Biometrics
2010 – 2013Associate Editor of Biostatistics
2008 – 2013Associate Editor of Biometrics


2013 – presentPresident of the Dutch region of the International Biometric Society
2013 – 2014Coordinator of Strategiestudie research ICT 2018: Advice on investment in data, service, collaboration and IT facilities to bring research within the LUMC to the next level. Plan and budget approved in December 2014
2011 – 2015Chair of female network of the LUMC (VITAAL)
2011 – presentMember of board research profile of Leiden University: “Health prevention and the Human life cycle” collaboration between Faculty of Social Sciences and Medical Faculty. I am actively involved in family studies on social anxiety disorder and on violence. I am in charge of the theme on methods development for family data
2010 – 2015Member of Educational Committee of International Society of Genetic Epidemiology
2010 – 2015Member of Program Committee of International Society of Genetic Epidemiology